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Our company story

Nomad Equipment is a UK based business that is the brain child of people who have been working in the fitness business and want to offer not only fitness equipment that is revolutionary but also the support and guidance to go with it. We are local, we care and if you have a problem or question we are always here to help.


There seems to be this perception that if you train indoors you are not equipped do a road race or if you are a hardcore trail runner you are a cop out if you use a treadmill. Well no more we believe that the collaboration between indoor and outdoor training is the road to success. One compliments the other and you can find joy and adventure in both nature and machine.

We are a flexible, agile and innovative company who not only strives to get you the best equipment for your needs but also supports you after you have paid the bill. We are the only company that will come and assemble your equipment in your home for free, why you ask? Because we know how exciting it is to get that new purchase feeling when the box arrives and two hours later extreme buyer’s remorse because your treadmill is lying in pieces unassembled on the floor. We will build it, bring it to your home and show you how to use it.

We supply excitement, adventure and high-quality machines, not dust collecting coat hangers. Succeed in your fitness goals and we feel like we succeed with you. Our mission is to be an extension to your home, to motivate and enlighten you on your fitness journey, whatever it may be. We innovate through our passion to create exciting and pioneering fitness equipment that can be incorporated into your everyday life.

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