Do you assemble the product for me?

Many buyers either do not have the time or inclination to assemble the product. We offer a free assembly, installation, demo and delivery service. For more details have a look at our delivery information.

How do I know the products are durable and reliable?

We pride ourselves that the product range conforms with our high standards and keeps up with our excellent reputation. Products are also thoroughly tested to EU and industry standards regulations. All products are CE and RoHS certified.

Do you offer advice on what product should suit my need the best?

We understand and appreciate that you may not deal with fitness equipment every day. We do. It is our business. We gladly accommodate your request either by phone or e-mail or otherwise our specialist and trained staff will address any concerns and questions you may have.

Do you offer a cancellation period?

You may cancel the order and return the product within 14 days of delivery. There are however conditions to this of which the most important is to return this in the condition it was delivered to you in. The full details are covered in the terms and conditions.

Do you offer special discounts?

We strive to offer competitive prices and value for money. We offer the price at the maximum discount possible. There is however an incentive when you buy more than one (main) product.

When can I expect a delivery?

We endeavour to do so within 5 – 7 working days after receipt of the order, but it depends on the distance and other orders to be delivered. We communicate to you when delivery is scheduled, soon after placing the order. For further details have a look at the delivery information page.

Is the delivery free?

Yes, if it is within a specified area. If not, a charge is levied for delivery. Then it depends where the product will be delivered to for instance delivery and sidewalk versus final destination such in a lounge on the 3rd floor. Check the Terms and Conditions for more detail.

What if I have a special request for a product that is not in the catalogue?

Products are manufactured in bulk which makes once of requests difficult, however the team will establish whether such a product can be sourced but it may take longer than an ex-stock item.

Do you carry stock of spare parts should there be a need for such?

The possibility that you may need a part within the next few years is unlikely. If the product is used as it is intended to and maintained according to the instruction manual, the product should serve you well for a long period.

If you do need a spare part, it can be obtained from us and if it is not available at the time, it will be requested. We provide online technical support for your products but feel free to contact our technical team.

How do I know that the space I have is sufficient?

When you consider a product, not only is the specifications mentioned but also the floor space it occupies and the recommended minimum overall space you require for that piece of equipment.