Get on the slopes with the

Elliptical Cross Trainer

If you are looking for a low impact, high performance machine, this is the one for you. Get an entire body workout designed to tone various parts of your body with a fluid, low impact motion. This Nomad is perfect for any fitness level. The movement is easy on your joints and you can set your own pace. As you get more confident you can peddle against a heavier weight, so muscles are worked harder and aerobic stamina increases.
Dimensions 195L x 61W x 178H cm

Stride 18 inches

£899 £559

We want to see you tick those bucket list items off with no time to lose! So your Nomad delivery includes free benefits when, elsewhere, you’d be sure to pay extra.

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16 Professional Training Programs

Whether you’re training for your next snowboarding session or recovering from an injury, achieve your fitness goals with 16 skilfully designed workout programs

22 Resistance Levels

If you feel that the cross-trainer is not a robust or intense machine, think again. The Nomad Glide™ takes you from walking on clouds to running through the Rocky Mountains. Resistance will amp up calories burnt and distance covered and do wonders for toning. It might look like a lamb but has the power of a lion.

Monitor Your Heart Rate Easily

The contact grips on the handles allow you to check and monitor your heart rate during your workout so that you can ensure you are reaching your fitness targets.

8kg Flywheel

With a hard-wearing and sturdy magnetic resistance flywheel, you’re guaranteed a constant and even pace throughout your workout. From a light stroll in the park to a tough hill climb, control and diversify your workout. The flywheel weight gives you that resistance and pace to find that sweet spot.

Stay connected

Nomad Glide™ has a USB connection port so you can use your phone or tablet during your workout, keeping you entertained and motivated to get an unbeatable workout.

Ultra silent transmission

This exceptional design for a robust two-way bearing and silent transmission gives you a vigourous but silent workout.
Sign up for that triathlon you've been
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See it all on the LCD screen

The trainer has a backlit LCD screen which will display your time, speed, RPM, distance, calorie burn, Watt, body fat and much more to help you keep on track with reaching your fitness goals.

Control your workout intensity

Nomad Glide™ has a durable 8kg magnetic resistance which will guarantee a constant and even pace throughout your workout. It gives you the control over the intensity of your workout.

Make the world yours with your Nomad today!

  • 2 in 1

    The Nomad Glide™ is a 2-in-1 exercise machine. You can get the best of both worlds: whilst walking or jogging you exercise the upper and lower body simultaneously. The rolling action of the flywheel creates a natural flow with your walking or jogging motion and the handles work and tone your arms and upper body. This perfectly balanced machine offers soft impact on the joints making it an ideal machine for recovery from injury, novice athletes or merely those who desire a softer impact machine but still require an inspiring workout.

  • Pulse+ ™

    For everybody from a novice to a professional, tracking your heartrate is one of the most fundamental features that will keep you in the right zones to reach your fitness goals. The integrated Pulse+™ heart rate monitor on the handles allows you to effortlessly check and monitor your heart rate during your workout. Hitting the optimal heartrate zones will give you the most efficient workout and this one touch sensor will keep you on track.

  • Performance monitor

    There is nothing like seeing those miles, or calories burnt, clock up in front of your eyes. The trainer has a backlit LCD screen which will display important information guiding you through features of your training, ranging from your time, speed, RPM, distance, calorie burn, Watt, body fat and much more to help you keep on track with reaching your fitness goals.

  • Lotone™ ultra silent transmission

    Keeping in mind that even though we require an emphatic and energetic workout we don’t want to listen to our machine cranking away, reminding us that we are stuck indoors. The sturdy two-way bearing is uniquely designed to create a smooth and silent transmission giving you that feeling of skiing down the Alps or skating over a lake.

  • Onboard Connectivity

    Bring the outdoors inside with the Nomad Run™ entertainment features. This treadmill has integrated speakers and tablet shelf for you to map your journey, personalise your workout and have the freedom to watch and listen to whatever you want.

  • 18

    Most domestic treadmills have a bad reputation for flimsy flywheels and strides set for Shetland ponies, but not the Nomad Glide™. Not only has it got the heavy weighted flywheel it has an 18-inch stride which will comfortably suit adults. The smooth and consistent transmission will make you feel like you are walking on air.